DJ Gino is a seasoned musician and DJ. He plays piano and sings in addition to his skills as a DJ. His knowledge of music is unsurpassed and can cut deep tracks to modern dance all night long.


Years of Experience: 15

Hometown: Downingtown

DJ GG: Bio and Media

DJ GG is one of our resident wedding DJs from Downingtown, PA.  A trained musician, he brings a unique approach to your event.  He has been in local Philadelphia area bands since he was a teenager and plays piano, sings, and DJs all in the same night!  If there is a piano at your venue, you can rest assured that DJ GG will spin up a sing along with you and your guests!  As a wedding DJ in Downingtown, he’s also very familiar with the local venues such as Downingtown Country Club, The Mendenhall Inn, French Creek Golf Club, Brandywine Manor House, Great Valley Sheraton and many more local venues.

GG’s mixing style is considered “club style” DJing.  Music is beat-matched and mixed/faded from one song to the next, with drops, breaks, spins and other transitions that make the dance floor come alive.  You won’t hear any random fades if GG is your DJ.  Everything is very musically crafted and designed to maintain continuity for you and your guests.

GG’s playlist is deep.  A musician himself, he takes great pride in a music library that has tens of thousands of curated songs.  In addition to all the songs you’d expect a DJ to play at an event, he has many hard-to-find mixes of classic rock, 80s freestyle, and many other genres of music.  GG partners with his clients to find the best blend of music to cater to a variety of tastes and musical styles.

A master emcee, GG knows when to get on the mic and when to let the music do the talking.  He’s performed thousands and thousands of times as a musician and DJ in venues from here to Europe.  Consider Gino as your local wedding DJ from Downingtown, PA!

Review from: Sam L.

They made things simple. They made things fun. And they’re every bit as excited as making your wedding awesome as you are. We had GG, he called us a week before to lay the event out for us, made sure we felt SUPER confident going in. And then, the day of, the guy just crushed it. He handled the music at our ceremony. He played piano at our cocktail hour, could literally play anything from Beethoven to Journey, and got our guests singing and dancing IN THE ROOM (we were so bummed we missed this to take pictures!). He hosted our reception effortlessly from event to event, kept things moving, and then when the dance floor opened up, he kept the energy up all night. The guy feels out the room, knows what songs are working, discards what doesn’t… And by the end of the night he was urging the crowd to sing along– We can’t say enough good things about them, just a fantastic one stop shop for your music.
Best Wedding DJ for Downingtown Country Club is Gino Guarnere!

Specializes in: Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Bars and Restaurants, Live Musician

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Review from: Katy

GG was a great Emcee, keeping the show moving while also ensuring everyone was entertained. Even with a diverse crowd, GG kept the dance floor active and the guests happy with the song selection! Highly recommended!! We’ve been to a lot of weddings at Downingtown Country Club, but we’ve never seen a Wedding DJ rock Downingtown like GG did!